Tuna tartare, kohlrabi, yuzu
63 pln
Avocado, tomato, cucumber
49 pln
Grilled octopus, teriyaki, wasabi, creamy potatoes
67 pln
Squid risotto, creamy yolk, beef consommé with ponzu
75 pln
Foie gras, mead, matcha, quince
78 pln
Beef steak tartare, avocado, jalapeno
68 pln

Main course

Veal rib eye, sweetbread, assiette of onion
95 pln
Aged beef fillet, trumpets, spinach, scallops
129 pln
“Peking duck”
98 pln
Fish of the day
105 pln
Fillet of turbot, broccoli, black rice
99 pln
Dover sole meuniére with homemade chips
cena dnia


Coffee and milk
37 pln
Black currant, white chocolate, hibiscus
34 pln
Blackberry tartare, lemon meringue, buttermilk, hibiscus
35 pln
Homemade ice cream and sorbets selection
33 pln
Chocolate souffle, pistacchio ice cream (20mins)
43 pln
Cheese selection, homemade marmalade, croutons
48 pln
Over 4 persons 12,5% service charge will be added to your bill